Adeleke’s family Rejects Aregbesola Coroner Inquest

(Last Updated On: 2017-05-08)

Olumide Lawal

The family of Osun Stater former Governor, Isiaka Adeleke, has rejected a coroner inquest instituted by the state governor, Rauf Aregbesola, into death of the late senator.

Specifically, the inquest was instituted by the governor to unravel cause of Adeleke’s death, after he died last month.

However, Aregbesola had about five days ago signed an executive order setting up a coroner inquest into the death of the senator who died recently.

The order was instituted in accordance to the Coroner Law Cap 32 Vol I Law of Osun, 2002.

One of the deceased’s siblings, Deji Adeleke, who expressed minds of the late Senator’s family held ground that the outcome of the inquest was predetermined, and that entire relatives turned down the government gesture.

Adeleke who spoke at a press conference in Ede on Sunday said the deceased family rejected the coroner inquest in its entirety because members were not satisfied of steps being taken by the state government.

“The family, hereby, denounce in its entirety the ill-advised and self-serving coroner inquest ordered by the Osun State Government, purportedly set up to determine the cause of death of our dearly beloved Senator Adeleke.

“We condemn, in strictest terms, the continuous politicisation attempts by the state of this great loss to our family, particularly the ordering of this inquest at a time we are still coming to terms with the harsh reality of his sudden departure and the pain and grief therefrom,” he said.

Justifying the family’s action, he disclosed that he and other siblings of the deceased were informed by credible source that the result of the inquest is already predetermined.

“We have been reliably informed by credible sources that the outcome of the kangaroo inquest is already predetermined by the state. It is also designed to serve its own interest with distorted facts and misinformation which will clearly not be in the interest of the good people of Osun in general and the Adeleke family in particular,” he said.

Meanwhile, Adeleke’s family had at a press conference last month said that the autopsy result conducted on the deceased was yet to be out.

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