DigitalPR-Wire Supports BEEC Digital PR Communications Congress & Exhibition

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BUSINESS Education Examinations Council (BEEC), globally recognized leader in human resource development & learning, has received DigitalPR-Wire support, a standard on-demand online PR and social media communication platform in Africa, for a three-day Digital Public Relations Congress for practitioners in the Communications space.

The training taking place in Lagos from 5th-8th June, 2017 at the Gallery Hall, University of Lagos, Nigeria, has also been endorsed by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) and the African Public Relations Association (APRA).

‎Professor Umar Danbatta, e‎xecutive vice chairman, Nigerian, Communication Commission (NCC), has been invited as the Special Guest of Honour and to open the Digital Communications Congress, Telecom and ICT Exhibition, under the theme: “Maximizing the Power of Digital Communication and On-Line Public Relations in a Changing World”.

DR Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, Director General of National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) is also a special guest of Honour and will deliver keynote address; Francois Van Dyk, Senior International Digital Communication Consultant will also speak at the Congress on “Maximizing the Power of Digital Public Relations & Communication in a changing world”, while Celestine Achi, founder of Cihan Group will lead discussants on the presentation, “Maximizing the Power of Digital Public Relations & Communication in a changing world.” This gives us the opportunity to market our DigitalPR Wire platform at the congress.

Mr. Mike Okereke, ‎president of the Council, said that Digital Communication is increasingly the driving force that is propelling the efficient management of the Public and Private sectors.

With emphasizes on telecommunication and ICT, Mr. Okereke said that the sectors, are growing around the globe.

“For example in Nigeria, where the GSM service was rolled out 15years ago, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC\’s) statistics shows that connected telephones in Nigeria is now 216 million while active lines in the country is now over 149 million made up of GSM lines and CDMA fixed wireless service. During the period under review, 30,000 career jobs were created and the telecom sector has grown to US$38 Billion”, the BEEC President said, “Digital Communication occupies the centre stage in the effective running of the Public & Private sector. Hence, the need to update skills in digital communication & online Public Relations Strategy”.

He said that the Digital Communication and Telecommunication Exhibition will the highlight of the Congress and will be held at the Hall, Conference Centre, the University of Lagos, Lagos from 5 to 8 June, 2017 and endorsed by the African Public Relations Association and the International Public Relations Association.

The Congress is designed for Telecom Executives and Officials, Directors of Public Relations, Heads of Public Relations, Senior Public Relations Managers, Public Relation officials, Telecommunication Managers, Marketing Managers, Advertising Managers, ICT Managers and Media Managers in the Public and Private sectors.

The Congress, BEEC revealed, is specially designed to give essential knowledge and update participants on current trend in on-line Communication in a changing world; update participants in on-line Marketing Communication Strategy; leverage management best practice in ICT; leverage the optimization of the search engine and enhance skills in email Marketing & Communication Strategy and on-line.

The platform will also inundate practitioners/participants on Public Relations Strategy; Review viral Marketing Communication Strategy; Review types of on-line advertising; Understand the digital metrics; Review regulations and code of practice in Digital Communication; and Public Relations and Marketing Functions.
Specifically, it will highlight the place of Digital communication and on-line Public Relations in today’s business environment.

On the exhibition aspect of the show, Mr. Okereke said, “The exhibition is designed to showcase the advances that have been made in the Telecom Industry and ICT in enhancing Digital Communication. It will promote the products and services offered by the Telecom and ICT companies.

Also speaking, Mr. Celestine Achi, founder of DigitalPR-Wire, described the forthcoming Congress and Exhibition as timely and will offer several opportunities for PR Practitioners to be inundated on the technological evolution in the industry especially in the online space.

“BEEC Communications and Digital PR Congress and Exhibition is the place to be. We are happy about this partnership, because it creates the avenue for PR firms and practitioners to understand the dynamics of the industry and what the future holds.

‘We are ready to unleash our DigitalPR-Wire to make this happen. This is not the time for PR firms to relax because clients are beginning to ask critical questions like how PR impact their Return-On-Investments (RoI). Any Firm not conversant with the techniques will soon run out of ideas,” Mr. Achi said.

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