PTDF Unveils New Framework for Oil, Gas Industries

(Last Updated On: 2017-03-11)


Olumide Lawal


The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) has introduced a new strategic direction document that would allow it to interface with oil and gas industry players in implementing its capacity building programmes.

The Executive Secretary of PTDF, Dr. Bello Gusau, who disclosed on Friday, said that the new document would makes it mandatory for industry players to be carried along through the creation of linkages with the Nigerian and global oil and gas industry.

The PTDF boss noted that though the fund is mandated to build capacity strictly for the oil and gas industry, it has over the years maintained minimal interface with International, National and Local oil companies in the implementation of its mandate

The new plan tagged PTDF Strategic Direction Document, according to Gusau, makes it mandatory for industry players to be carried along through the creation of linkages with the Nigerian and global oil and gas industry.

“PTDF is marginally connected to the oil and gas industry players. There is an obvious lack of organic relationship between PTDF and the industry because we have not created the necessary linkages with other players. There is therefore need for us to reassert our relevance in the oil and gas industry by engaging in a very practical manner with the industry. PTDF has to move near the centre stage of the oil and gas industry by becoming increasingly involved,” Gusau said.

The framework for working with the industry particularly with the Oil Producers Trade Sections (OPTS), creating linkages with the Nigerian and global oil and gas industry as a priority by PTDF will result in strengthening of relationships with other public agencies in the Nigerian oil and gas industry; Create strategic collaborations with Nigerian oil and gas industry players (IOCs, NOCs, Service companies); Develop partnership on gas training and skills development centers, and enable the Fund to harness other partnership opportunities with global multi-lateral institutions and ultimately establish  bilateral relations with oil and gas bodies across the globe.

Other benefits include collaboration with the industry towards the training attachment of PTDF trainees with IOCs/NOCs and other global institutions.

Also, formation of joint research groups with IOCs/ LOCs towards solving specific industry problems, interfacing with the oil and gas sector to identify their critical needs which would form the basis for selection of candidates for award of MSc and PhD scholarships and PTDF Annual Oil and Gas Research Grant Competition, establishment of alumni research clusters with the aim of using PTDF ex-scholars and experts working together from interconnected universities, companies, firms in related industries and associated institutions in order to provide multi-disciplinary solutions to complex industry problems.

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