Why Tecno Mobile Is Regarded Most Customer Centric Phone Brand in Nigeria

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Nahimah Ajikanle Nurudeen


The mobile devices world is witnessing a very stiff ‎competition bringing the ‘customer is king’ aphorism to bear.

Year after year, growing organisations tend to make extensive research on the strong ones, in order to learn a thing or two.

One of what is being learned has been found out to be customer centricism.

It is no surprise that TECNO Mobile is being referred to as the most customer centric brand. How do they do it year after year?

We tried to ascertain how Tecno has been able to embed customer centricity into their DNA? Here are a few of their policies, practises, and features that constantly keep them on the list of customer centric companies.

Transparency and Innovation
There are no great companies without innovation, and there are no greater companies without transparency. Many companies have successfully shied away from being transparent, unfortunately, this has had adverse effects on both their operations and lifespan.

We also learnt transparency and innovation are two key reasons TECNO Mobile can celebrate and share its 10 years of existence with the rest of the world, other than just China!

TECNO is transparent and innovative because they have been able to cut across all areas of the Mobile phone market, ranging from their high ostentatious products to the regularly modest ones.

Secondly, it is a common knowledge that all TECNO phones have been mostly affordable and effective, back to back. As much as they want to give the customers affordability, their quality has not been compromised in any way.

As far as transparency is concerned, the mobile giants have proved to be free and fair a lot of times, especially in the face of competitions.

When their customers/fans are being engaged in a competition, the selection of winners are usually aired live, so that there is no question of a foul play.

“We have the ‘Keep and Empty Chair, so that the customer is always in the room’ approach. This approach means that whenever there is a meeting by the board and members of the company, there is usually an empty chair, and an assumption in our minds that a customer is sitting on that chair, and it is important that they are treated right! This ideology has greatly worked for us”, said an insider source at the Company.

Timely Responses
Based on the Churn rate every year, TECNO has at least 40% customer increase every year. Many thanks to their customer centricity.

There are too many other phone brands in Nigeria, also with amazing specifications and prices, but put TECNO to the test by laying a complaint on any of their customer care handles and websites; you’ll be both amazed and impressed on the swift and cordial response dished out to the customer in question.

Many customers have praised the brand for their timely responses to their complaints, and it is safe to say that this has succeeded in making the Chinese company remain at the very top.

Strength in Numbers Approach
Customer centricity goes beyond offering great customer service; it means offering an array of great experiences from the awareness stage, through the purchase process.

TECNO has been said to have the strength in numbers approach because they created a One to One program, and its purpose is to ‘build a customer for life’.

This is because they understand that the more a customer appreciates a product, the more likely they are to make a deeper emotional connection with the product, and in turn; recommend the product to a friend. For instance, the office activation project ran in November 2017 by the company.

Over 100 customer service centres (CARLCARE)
In building customer centricity, TECNO quickly understood that attending to a customer’s complaints as fast as possible means that the customer gets retained over a long period of time.

You will agree with me that many people will refuse to purchase some kinds of cars because they are of the opinion that the parts of those cars are not easily found in Nigeria, hence their choice for other cars.

Now, TECNO Carlcare centres are a proof of their timely services. They are affordable and reliable. You will not need to give the roadside repairer your phone, if you ever have a need.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Talk about the ‘Light Up Ikeja’ project, to the ‘Live Your Dream Africa project (done every year), to the Hepatitis Awareness  programme, to the ‘Provision of Writing Materials to a Large Number of Students’ in partnership with GOGE Africa, to a lot more projects that have benefited Nigerians to a large extent, we cannot but agree that TECNO is customer centric.

Over 5000 Employed Nigerians
While even many Nigerians take their businesses to other countries, TECNO has been able to build her mobile phone brand here in Nigeria, and employing the Nigerian youths even on a weekly basis.

They stand to be one of the companies with the highest number of employees in the country. This is a cooperate attitude that Kudos should be given.

Customer centricity is a strategy that is based on putting your customers first, and this is the core of any business. It entails having a customer focused leadership, empowering the frontline, using metrics that matter, and most importantly, gathering feedback that drives continuous improvement. This is what TECNO Mobile proudly represents!

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