2017 Budget will Achieve Two Things- Sen. Goje

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(Last Updated On: 2016-12-14)

Olumide Lawal
Senator Danjuma Goje, Chairman, Senate Committee on Appropriation on Wednesday said that Nigeria will achieve two things with 2017 budget.

The senator who spoke with journalists on the joint presentation of the 2017 budget by President Muhammadu Buhari noted that the budget will help the country to recover from recession and move forward to grow.

Tagged “Budget of Recovery and Growth.”, Goje said, “Senators would pass a budget that would help Nigeria recover from economic recession.

“I believe if those things that were read by the President are implemented; they will go a long way in helping the country coming out of recession.
“I was very much impressed when he said that we would use proceeds from oil not only develop oil but also agriculture.

“It is very important because we need to go back to agriculture. We need to give special consideration to agriculture and on our own; we will support the president in this regard,’’ he said.

According to him, a lot of money is going to be pumped into the economy and special attention be given to agriculture where majority of Nigerians will be engaged.

Also speaking, spokesman of the Senate, Sen. Sabi Abdullahi, noted that that there was improvement in the 2016 Budget, compared to 2015 Budget.

“We got the budget this year, relatively earlier than last year,’’ he said.

He said that the executive was “very ambitious” to move the economy out of recession as indicated in the 2017 budget by increasing spending and consolidating on what was started in 2016.

He commended the increase in the budgetary allocation to the judicial sector from N70 billion to N100 billion.

“As such, we expect to see the judiciary becoming more robust, surely as the last hope of the common man.”
“We are set to begin work and will make sure that we do the needful in good time,’’ he said.

Similarly, Sen. Jibrin Barau (APC-Kano) noted that the budget was growth-oriented.

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“It is designed to take us out of economic recession. We will look at it and try and do the necessary adjustment,’’ he said.

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