3 Russian Soldiers To Face Court — Ukrainian Prosecutor General

(Last Updated On: 2022-09-20)

Three Russian troops who “brutally treated” civilians during the occupation of a village in the northern region of Chernihiv will now face court.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General said the men participated in attacks on Yahidne, where upwards of 300 people were trapped in a basement for weeks.

It added an investigation found that “with weapons in their hands, the Russian military forcibly broke into the houses of civilians and randomly fired automatic bursts into the premises where people and children were hiding”.

The Prosecutor General said the accused “took local residents outside in sub-zero temperatures and, threatening to shoot them, forced them to undress in the presence of women and children.

“Showing excessive cruelty, they used physical violence against the victims for no reason, inflicting beatings with automatic weapons.”


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